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“On the one hand, a person can assume a more general approac

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Sam Cohen

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of “On the one hand, a person can assume a more general approac

Rav Lichtenstein's View
Three Pillars of Judaism
We know the world stand on three pillars: Torah, Avoda and G’melut Chassadim.
The Torah never specifies how much of each is needed.
It seems to allow us to figure out our strengths and accomplish more with the skills we already have.
Is Judaism about amassing as many good deeds as possible?

Personal VS Public
From a personal perspective, on one hand, we should try and become the “renaissance man,” well rounded in all mitzvot.
That being said having a total commitment to a particular mitzvah help our connection to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.
From a public perspective, it makes sense for a town to have one person as a designated sofer and another who makes tzitzit etc.

One Body-Achdus!
The Meshech Chachma compares the Jewish Nation to a body.
Each person has his/her own task that he/she is most suited to perform.
If we are each committed to perfecting a certain aspect of Judaism we can accomplish more and function more efficiently as a nation.

Specialization VS Generalization in Mitzvot
“On the one hand, a person can assume a more general approach to his or her spiritual existence, trying to encompass the full range of values and to strike some kind of balance between them.
On the other hand, one can seek to focus narrowly but intensively upon a particular area and not necessarily a single, uniform solution”
In Classic Rabbi Muskat Style
Speaking of Buchwuch...
Defining the Disscussion
For most of us, we will never reach the level where we can fulfill every mitzvah in its entirety.
There is a certain value in accepting upon oneself total observance in a particular area that could light within us a spark of satisfaction in doing what is right and could even spread to other mitzvot.
That being said…
Although we may be good in one area that doesn’t mean we can forget about other mitzvot.
We still need to participate in all aspects of Judaism.
If used properly specialization can help us bring a concept of intensity into our spiritual lives.
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