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No description

Lauren Updyke

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of LLAMAS!!!!

BY: Lauren Updyke
That's a lot of LLAMAS!
South America in 2007 had over 7 million llamas & alpacas!
Can you believe it! I know I cant!
Llamas are actually used by Humans
Have you ever heard of a Llama before?
Llamas are animals that live in...

Llamas are used for their MEAT!
That's right. Their MEAT!

If you would like to find ways to help the llamas...
please go to: www.petitiononline.com/llamaa/petition.html
South America, North America, and Canada!
AND remember...
There are 158,000 llamas in Canada and the United States!
A group of llamas is called a herd
That's because llamas stick together in a group
Llamas like to hang out in the mountains

Llamas can live to be 20-30 years old.
On Wikipedia it said...

On wikipedia it also said...
That baby llamas are called Crias.
Llamas are also very interactive!
Llamas unfortunatly atract many flies
POOR LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!!
Llamas are used by Native Americans!
Native Americans ride them...
And carrie things on their backs
Llamas hair is very soft!
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