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scarlet letter vs easy a

No description

stephanie steinbach

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of scarlet letter vs easy a

A Comparison of
The Scarlet Letter and Easy A Stephanie Steinbach Similarities Easy A Facts about the book How the book is different from the movie Hester Prynne The Scarlet Letter Date of first publication: 1850

Setting took place in the 17th century between 1642-1649

Became an instant best seller

First book to be mass produced in the U.S. The protagonist of the Scarlet letter. She married young to a man she didn't love in Europe and journeyed to America alone. Here she had an affair which resulted in her having a daughter, but she kept who the father is a secret. This however does not settle well in a Puritan community and she goes through years of scorn and guilt. She also has to wear a red 'A' on her chest wherever she goes. Hester does not want attention like Olive

Adultery is no longer a crime

Hester dies, Olive tells the truth and goes on with her life Both have main characters that are females who makes poor choices according to society's standards and have to live with the consequences Both have religious groups who are judgemental and deliver the 'consequences' to the sinners actions Obviously they both wear the scarlet letter Overall,Olive and Hester become outcasts but they still walk around with their heads held high How they are different Olive Penderghast Video clips Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne Written by Brett V. Royal Puritan Life Live only to please God in order to have a good after life

Church and State where not separate back then

Believed the bible was the law olive gets the guy in the end she chose the 'A' for herself Olive gains redemption through the truth unlike Hester who gets it through good deeds The main character,Olive is kind of a brainy goody-good who lies to her friend about hooking up with an older guy and then rumors spread trashing her reputation, even though she trashed it by choice. She does this by doing a favor for one of her gay friends who was getting bullied. They led the whole school to believe that they had sex just so people wouldn't think he was gay and things escalated from there until she was doing "favors" for multiple guys. In reality what Olive was doing the night she "lost" her virginity Olive flaunting her new reputation The difference between public hazing by religious groups Hester was made to stand on a platform in front of the whole town for hours so people would know what she was and she would feel shame Olive on the other hand doesn't feel guilty
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