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My best moment in the school!

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kelly arboleda agudelo

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of My best moment in the school!

My best moment in the school!
fifth grade
I began to see the school in a new way, i had many friends who did not see the time to go to school to play with them
ninth grade
I was in the room more undisciplined, I had a friend named Luis Miguel, he was very funny and always scolded me for it, we were very good friends. I had the best moments with Luis Miguel
First grade
when i started my studies, i remember that i was a very shy girl who didn´t speak with her classmates
second grade
in this grade i was more extroverted, i remember one day that I fell off the chair and all my friends were laughing, this made again be the same shy girl
sixth grade
ther began a new phase, i met new friends and new teachers, was one of the hardest years; A stage where I was very foolish and I laughed at my teachers
seventh grade
in this grade i was still being foolish, I remember one day in the technology room without authorization of the teacher I went up on a chair and connect the internet, he was very angry and took me rectory, but I enjoyed doing all these naughtiness
third grade
for me it was the most difficult years of my life in school but also one of the best; it was difficult because i was new in the school and in the early days I vomited in the classmates, but not all bad I met many friends that even today we are friends
tenth grade
Was the best year in school. We where all very good friends in the classroom; when the teacher was not going to class, we stared playing outside of the classroom, we shared lunch boxes, we laughed, we shared outside of school time
first tenth grade
Has been a fun year where we all share, in free time we play, tell joke, talk nonsense and most importantly we respect
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