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Pyramid Preparation Day 1

No description

Camille Deal

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of Pyramid Preparation Day 1

Pyramid Preparation Day 1
: You have 5 minutes to reenact how the Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. came into existence. Use the information that we just discussed to guide you.

Make sure the reenactment is a factual and accurate portrayal of what happened!
Sorority History Timeline
February 18- Delta's Alpha Chapter was granted a Certificate of Incorporation.

First five years- DST saw itself as an organization for the establishment and maintenance of high standards of scholarshop- sought to offer membership only to honor students.

Established the first "loan fund" to assist sorors who faced financial difficulties- fund continued through the Great Depression of the 1930's.

March of 1913- Deltas marched with suffragette movement under the banner of Delta Sigma Theta.

Early Public Service project: Sorority adopted the Children's Ward at Freeman's Hospital.

First National Convention held December 27-30 in Washington, D.C.

First Honorary Members of DST-- Nannie H. Burroughs, Gabrielle Pelham, Mary Church Terrell.
Sorority History
The founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. were all members of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Six years later, two factions emerged. One faction was concerned with personal development and the other with social issues of the time. The younger faction wanted to move toward social consciousness and away from frivolities of fraternal activities.

In 1912, Founder
Madree Penn (White)
Myra Davis (Hemmings)
, then president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at Howard University, with the idea that the group condisers becoming a chartered sorority.
Sorority History
All the members agreed that the sorority should become a chartered organization at Howard University, file all necessary paperwork, and change the name of the organization to one distinctively Greek.

The name Delta Sigma Theta was suggested and accepted by the undergraduate membership. However, one graduate member, Nellie Quander, present at the reorganization meeting, objected to the name change. As a result, Ms. Quander contacted graduate members of Alpha Kappa Alpha to reorganzie the sorority and hold onto their traditiona and to their original name.
Sorority History
1912- 1929
From several points of view, Delta Sigma Theta appears to be the original sorority, inasmuch as the reorganization and renaming did dissolve the former organization. The members remained the same and the new sorority included the undergraduate women of Howard University.

Since Alpha Kappa Alpha had its inception at Howard University, Delta Sigma Theta, in the spirit of good will, fraternal respect and cooperation, conceded the fact that Alpha Kappa Alpha merits the distinction of being the source from which Delta Sigma Theta came into existence.

Ready, Set, Go!
Sorority History Timeline
Graduate chapters were authorized

May Week established.

Established the "National Scholarship Awards Fund".

Mary McLeod Bethune, Honorary Member, initiated.

Delta Hymn written and composed by Sorors Alice Dunbar Nelson and Florence Cole Talbert.

Iota Chapter adopts Jabberwock.

Vote to conduct national conventions biennially, beginning with the 10th National Convention in 1929.
The Founders
Osceola Macarthy Adams
Marguerite Young Alexander
Winona Cargile Alexander
Ethel Cuff Black
Bertha Pitts Campbell
Zephyr Chisom Carter
Edna Brown Coleman
Jessie McGuire Dent
Frederica Chase Dodd
Myra Davis Hemmings
Olive Cummings Jones
Jimmie Bugg Middleton
Pauline Oberdorfer Minor
Vashti Turley Murphy
Naomi Sewell Richardson
Mamie Reddy Rose
Eliza Pearl Shippen
Florence Letcher Toms
Ethel Carr Watson
Wertie Blackwell Weaver
Madree Penn White
Edith Motte Young
You Teach!
Everyone will be assigned two founders. Read the short biography about them. Briefly summarize the information about the founders you were assigned for everyone.

Come up with a short, simple, but effective way to remember important facts about the founders you are assigned.
Ready, Set, Go!
Osceola Macarthy Adams
Marguerite Young Alexander
Winona Cargile Alexander
Ethel Cuff Black
What Stuck?
You each will be given 3 post-it notes. On each post-it note write down one thing that has stuck with you thus far from today's lesson.
1st Post-it: Sorority History 1912-1929
2nd Post-it: The Founders
3rd Post-it: National Presidents 1-3
1st National President
Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander
2nd National President
Dorothy Pelham Beckley
3rd National President
Ethel Lamay Calimese
1926- 1929
Mission Statement
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is an
college educated women
committed to
constructive development
of its
and to
public service
with a
primary focus
on the
black community.
Sacred Trust:
Sacred Vow:
Membership in Delta Sigma Theta is a Lifetime Commitment.
The induction of new members into Delta Sigma Theta is the Sorority's Most Sacred Trust.
Minerva Circle of Identity
Questions, Comments, Concerns?
The core is

Delta members are predominantly

-based organization. This is a
movement with academic base.

Founded at a college, by college
, for college

Deltas have identified with women's issues since the Founders participated in the Women's Suffrage March. We were, and still are
public service
Quick Facts!

From: Albany, GA

She selected Delta mottoes.

In Chicago, Illinois, she was installed as the first president of Lambda Chapter.

Served as the Grand Treasurer of the national organization.

Directed the debut of actors Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier.

Taught drama at Bennett College and served as Directress of the Harlem School of the Arts.
Quick Facts!

From: Chicago, Illinois

Concentrated her studies in two foreign languages.

Became a French and Spanish correspondence secretary.

Helped the Alpha Nu chapter in the purchase of a sorority house on the campus of the University of Illinois.

Quick Facts!

From: Columbus, Georgia

She became a teacher.

Became the first black social worker for the New York City and County Charities.

She was the Alpha Chapter's first custodian.

Quick Facts!

From: Wilmington, Delware

Served as the First Vice President of the Alpha Chapter.

Became a social studies teacher.

She was a charter member of Queens (NY) Alumnae Chapter.
First Black to be awarded a Ph.D.

First Black woman to be admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar.

Served as the official legal advisor to the Sorority.

Elected to the office of Grand President four times.
Use of printed forms for reports, applications, and other formal documents.

Delta Sigma theta Bulletin was published.

New nomenclature system for naming chapters was authorized.

Jabberwock was adopted (Iota Chapter).

Emphasis on Internal Development.

Regional Conferences as a permanent institution approved.

Established Omega Omega as the Memorial Chapter.
Biennial Conventions approved.

National Vigilance Committee approved.
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