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Copy of Mind Mapping Template

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FN1021 Presentation

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mind Mapping Template

Alcohol's Effects on Nutrients
Alcohol and Nutrition
Benefits vs. Risk
What is Alcohol?
In chemistry, an alcohol is a compound that ends in “-ol”
The alcohol we drink contains Ethyl or Ethanol Alcohol
Alcohol content of a standard drink can range from 5% to 40%
When you mix caffeine and alcohol together (ie, vodka and redbulls, jagerbombs), you’re putting yourself at a greater risk than if you were to drink alcohol alone
Alcohol related harm is estimated to be $14.6 billion per year.
Even the 1 drink a day that provides benefits for older people raises the risk of breast cancer in young women by 10%
Activities Description
Calorie Content Comparison
Alcohol Calorie Counter App
Effects on the Body and Brain
The Liver &
How Alcohol Makes You Fat
The Hangover and Pregnancy
The Benefits
If people drank safely → consumption would decrease by 50%, alcohol related deaths would decrease by close to 4,600 per year
Canada ranks as one of the top 15 countries in terms of per capita alcohol consumption.
Reduce your risk of harm by drinking no more than…
Women: 10 drinks a week, 2 at most per day
Men: 15 drinks a week, 3 at most per day

26% of Canadians (close to 5million)
are considered risky drinkers
Empty calories and displaced nutrients
Negative effect on cells
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
Increased release of folate
Middle aged people, who drink alcohol in moderation, do gain health benefits.
NOT the same for young adults
There are positives to drinking wine.
Alcohol generally decreases appetite.

The liver is the largest organ at 3.3 lbs
There are five main functions
Metabolism of alcohol
Types of alcohol-related liver damage
Risk factors for liver disease
Treatment methods
Weight gain

$7.1 billion per year for lost productivity due to illness and premature death
$3.3 billion per year for direct health care
$3.1 billion per year for direct enforcement
Medical Term for a hangover : Veislagia
Symptoms of A Hangover
Causes of a Hangover
Curing a Hangover?
Long Term Effect: Cancer
Alcohol and Pregnancy
Effects the whole body
The brain, heart, liver and pancreas.
Immune system is suppressed
At least 7 out of 10 people with mouth cancer drink heavily.
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