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Maple Days

We don't cut down trees..we just slightly drain them.

Nykolas Andrade

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Maple Days

Maple Days
A world running on syrup...would be a lot cheaper than gas wouldn't you say?
Now if for some reason we did switch from gas to syrup this wouldn't affect our clothing. It would just affect trees, it wouldn't hurt but they might feel a slight violated.X{D
OK now here's the point, we both know this is fictional but if there was a switch there would be less pollution, less fighting over oil, and we would have still syrup for pancakes.
This is completely fictional of course but this was just something out of the blue. Some how people are allergic to maple syrup... shame. ;(
Sap is what makes trees explode, yes, trees explode sometimes. The tree tops will catch fire and explode causing other trees to catch fire and explode. So make sure you get a certain type of Christmas tree so your house won't be in flames.
Think about it the less pollution we have on Earth the more likely we will be able to see Mars with our naked eye again. :)
Maple Syrup
Our saviors!
Nick and I haven't really considered power to cities around the world but it would be pretty cool to make syrup replace most electricity(not electronics so don't worry about your phones and such). The less electricity used, probably the less costly scientists' global experiments will cost on trying to save the Earth. If you have Ms. Gonzalez's health class and watched that video you probably know what I mean.
Same for Metro
Would we lose flight?
Using syrup for air planes wouldn't just affect birds, but us too, the way how we breath, weather and maybe even more...so we should probably stick to gas for now.
Sticky Oceans?
Now I'm not sure bring syrup to the sea is the brightest nor greatest idea...reasons why will be written in the following bubbles.
Future for fish? A bad future.
If we used syrup for underwater exploration, more than likely molecules of maple would scatter across the ocean killing fish and may cause another genetic mutation for most or all sea life.
Some people don't mix with maple
If underwater machines were powered by syrup then it would probably go to shore and negatively affect any person whose allergic to syrup at the beach or most places with water.
The way the syrup thing would work is we would create some sort of tube to drain syrup out of trees and we would leave 25% of syrup remaining in each tree so we wouldn't train every tree in the world and some how go into lack of oxygen. The fictional tube will take 50% for everyday transportation, and 25% percent for pancakes and such.

The sap will take the place of many gas powered things such as cars, trains, planes, boats, toys, some factories, and to light fires and grills, giving the grilled food a special taste. Of course there will still be lighters for those camp fires because I don't think anybody wants syrup on their chocolate.
Many forest fires are spread and made serious through this, it spreads dangerously depending on the amount of sap in the tree. It's nothing to fear of course as long as people are smart the future shall be safe. With the maple future we would include gas for some situations. For example for cook outs, most people wouldn't want a syrupy taste on their taste, sure it the flavor will be out there but hardly anybody would use it so this is why our future wouldn't get rid of gas completely, the whole idea is just to lessen pollution.
If we were able to covert syrup for electronic uses, it would sure be a great use to New York City since many people take trains every day.
The Basic Idea
The whole idea at first was just for cars. You would some how make maple run as smoothly as gas, then factories would make some sort of container to put on the exhaust for every automobile. Then you would go to a "gas station" and then all the used syrup would go into the exhaust container, you would give it to the manager so he could ship it to a factory to make it reusable. Then the customer would get new syrup and the old maple that was sent to the factory would end up at another station and the cycle would continue.
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