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Virtual Communities

No description

Clare Atkins

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Virtual Communities

Creating a Community LinkedIn @catspyjamasnz
Education technologist & networked learner. Lecturer in Blended Learning @ Deakin. Created Moodle Tool Guide. Exploring Digital Curation. Speaker. Views my own.

Joyce Seitzinger
Handbook of social media for researchers and supervisorshttp://zite.to/O6AWoj via @zite #phdchat Twitter Second Life educators list - SLED Email Lists create their own communities
Twitter etc.... Open Courses and MOOCs Virtual Communities
All about personal connections

Shared mutual interests
Swapping of exciting ideas
Enjoying like-minded company
Considering interesting questions
Supportive action Virtual or Real?
what's the difference? Dr Clare Atkins, NMIT Virtual Communities MOOC Facebook Virtual Worlds Twitter Ning LinkedIn blogs Slideshare Scoop.it Virtual Communities NZVWG NMC ISTE Kiwi Educators SLENZ project New Media Consortium
http://virtualworlds.nmc.org/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/101863643236562/ http://tweetchat.com/room/potcert People Hashtags - # #edtech #potcert #3dWeb #prezi #eqnz @catkins_in_nz Scoop.it Nings Benefits? Downside? takes regular time and effort
people disappear
new friendships = commitments
time differences
becoming familiar with new tech
virtual team skills Real (?) Communities Clubs Associations Hobby Groups Friends/Family Sports Teams enabled by enabled by regular personal contact phone physical meetings newsletters Work groups conferences INTERNET http://slenz.wordpress.com/slenz-project/ http://pedagogyfirst.org/wppf12/ blog google group twitter wiki Facebook group ning I can live in Nelson and
work in the world http://citrenz.ning.com/
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