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Fad diets are weight losing diets that become popular in sho

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Michael Xu

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Fad diets are weight losing diets that become popular in sho

Foods 10: Fad Diets vs. Healthy diet Solutions
What are fad diets?
What are some trends in fad diets?
-Promises quick results
-State that exercise can be neglected in the process of weight loss
-Encourage the consumerism of a certain product
-May be exaggerated
-Drawn from a limited range of studies
What are the 5 Categories of Fad Diets?
-Fad diets are weight losing diets that become popular in short amount of time but doesn't last very long and in some cases extreme due to the consumption of food
What are three of the misleading declarations that are often made by fad diets?
-Controlled carbohydrates
A control consumption of carbohydrates, eating low amounts of carbohydrates
-High carbohydrates and low fat
The opposite of Controlled Carbohydrates, consuming more carbohydrates and eating low amounts of fat
-All fat is bad for you
-Skipping meals will help you lose weight
-Organic are better than non-organic foods
-Magic Food
the foods that are said when its consumed alot it will result in loss of weight
-Liquid Diets
Meals and other foods are replaced with weight losing shakes
-A diet that encourages eating more meat and alternatives then other food groups
The Two Interviews about Healthy Diets
-Dr.Helen A.Halpin
-Healthy diets are a balance of all food groups
-Fad diets aren't healthy diets
-Dr.Susan Kayman
-I use US dietary guidelines for a healthy diet

Best Diets for Healthy Eating
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