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Angelo's Pizza

No description

Cassi Walter

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Angelo's Pizza

Angelo's Pizza
Case Summary
Angelo Camero grew up admiring a local pizza store and he dreamed of one day owning his own. After graduating college with a marketing degree, he opened his first restaurant in Bronx, NY and within 5 years, he opened 3 more. He was anxious to expand, but he was having trouble hiring good employees to staff his restaurants. These struggles included:
Finding experienced managers
High Turnover Rates
Over worked managers
Hiring the wrong employees

Mr. Camero asked us the following questions to help him with him with these issues...
Question #1
Three specific HRM implications of my strategy
(including specific policies and practices)
Question #2
Human Resource Errors
Question #3
Structured Interview
Question #4
Selecting Employee's
Question #5
Team-building Step #5
Job Analysis
Work in crowded and fast-paced environment
Reciprocate what is taught
Provide exceptional customer service
Team oriented
Trust worthy
Willing to work flexible hours
Business related degree or equivalent preferred
Store Managers
Have you held any previous managerial job positions?
Explain why teamwork is important
What was your starting and ending salary at your previous job?
If you have experienced a long and tiring work day, do you believe that it is ok to make a pizza to take with you at the end of your shift?
What education or training do you possess that will help you with this job?

Wait Staff
What jobs have you previously held?
Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an irate customer.
From 1-5 rate your customer service skills with 5 being the very best and 1 being the absolute worst.
Are you comfortable working in a face-paced environment?
Are you willing to work nights and weekends?
Job analysis
Customer service oriented
Team oriented
Willing to work flexible hours
Able to efficiently handle cash/credit transactions
Counter People/ Pizza Makers
Do you have any previous experience in food service? explain?
Do you have any known food allergies?
How long were you employed at your previous job?
May we contact your previous employer?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Are you willing to submit to a background and drug test?

First, Angelo should think about

First, Angelo should think about hiring a completely different type of employee.

Older employees

Angelo’s Pizza Employee Selection Outline
To avoid negligent hiring Angelo should only hire people who have worked and have experience in the pizza industry.

Because Angelo’s is a smaller firm he should also think about acquiring formal testing programs to test his employee candidates.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test
The Predictive Index

After the employee candidates have been filtered through using the formal testing programs, Angelo should then set up a structured interview process.

Three-part interview process
Online application
Phone interview
Face-to-face interview

Once Angelo has chosen and trained the candidates that he wants to hire, he should put them on a two week trial period to determine if he wants to keep them on or not.

Error #1
Angelo hires managers who already work with him and they have not been properly trained
He assumes that since they already work for him they automatically know how to manage the business and how he wants things to be done.

Error #2
Compensation and Benefits
Working for a company that has a high turnover rate, the employees who are skilled have to work harder to keep the company afloat.
Angelo should compensate his staff with a pay raise and/or vacation time
Error #3
Angelo uses application forms and help-wanted ads
He should include the job description and job specifications if he wants to attract a certain type of employee.
Error #4
He hires employees based off of one interview
Working interviews
Error #5
Ethics and Employee Rights
Angelo’s main concern is finding honest employees, but he was so focused on that specific areas he hired the wrong ones
1. Business Plan/ Strategy:
Needs a strategic plan
Expand the numbers of store
Eventually franchise
Quick business decision
Business Plan/Strategy
Competitive Strategy
Compensation and benefits
Working for a company that has a high turnover rate, the employees who are skilled have to work harder to keep the company afloat.
Angelo should compensate his staff with a pay raise and/or vacation time

Job Analysis
Job analysis
Angelo’s biggest and main issue
Key to operating a successful business
Job analysis
Angelo’s hiring mistake
Hiring plan

Team-building Step #1
Interview each staff member
What problems are you having or noticing while working with others?
How would you rate your team assignments in terms of easiness?
What hinders you all from working well together?
Team-building Step #2
Group Meeting
Present most popular issues
Rank issues by importance

Team-building Step #3
Group Discussion
Discuss top issues
Everyone should be honest
Uncover the underlying issues
Team-building Step #4
Group Suggestions
Take suggestions from the group on how to fix the issues
Propose weekly team meetings
Plan a team-building activity that will take place out of the restaurant
All staff members should attend this event
Team-building Activity
Improving communication
Back-to-back drawing
Survival Scenario
Building Trust
Human Spring
Mine Field

Hire those with Experience
Selection and Evaluation
Job analysis
Service- oriented
Mildly assertive
Willing to work flexible hours

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