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Cumberland - Our Food: Reconnecting Food and Community

A project of the Ecology Action Centre, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a site in Cumberland County. For more information see: http://www.ecologyaction.ca/ourfood or contact project staff here: http://www.ecologyaction.ca/content/people-2

Miranda Cobb

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Cumberland - Our Food: Reconnecting Food and Community

How are we working to grow
Positive Food Environments?

Our Food:
Reconnecting Food and Community

Partners for the Good Food First Club:
St. Joseph's A. Mackay, Oxford School, St. Catherine's, Burton Ettinger
Phase II
Imagine stepping out your front door to see your neighbour’s yard bursting with vegetables instead of their lawn.

Nearby parks and school grounds are dotted with community gardens and greenhouses.
Positive Food Environments
Physical and social spaces that help to normalize healthy eating by making it easier to grow, sell, and eat good food.

We work at the individual, community and systemic level to increase the availability of nutritious food as well as our access to it, and actively involve citizens in the development of more localized food systems.
Skills Building
Building food preparation, preservation and gardening skills in target communities
After School Program
Teaching children about food:
-how it is grown
-how it gets to our dinner tables
-how to make healthy food choices
Infrastructure & Capacity
Policy Change & Civic Engagement
Storytelling, Research & Evaluation
A stroll down the street reveals a café where people gather to share a meal.

And not far off, healthy and affordable food can be purchased from your neighbourhood farmers’ market or convenience store.

Imagine a community where everyone has access to good food - where people work together to build the kind of community where they want to live and grow.
Will Hill, Community Food Programmer
Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre, H.U.G.S Garden, ISIS, ReachAbility, Phoenix Youth, St. George's YouthNet
Georgia McNeil, Youth Food Programmer
Aimee Carson, Community Food Coordinator
Creating lasting food and garden infrastructure, systems to improve food access and community capacity
Su Morin, Community Food Coordinator
Skills Building + Infrastructure & Capacity
Leadership and social capacity development
Compost bins, cold frames, solar dehydrator, root cellar, greenhouse
Cumberland County: Amherst, Springhill, North Shore, Parrsboro, River Hebert/Joggins
Cape Breton
Halifax Regional Municipality
Cumberland County
New Brunswick
Where we work
Contributing to community food security policy
Increasing understanding of how food systems work and the role that community engagement can play
Marla MacLeod, Community Food Programmer
Nova Scotia Food Security Network
Halifax Food Strategy Group
MP Megan Leslie and the Raging Grannies singing to raise awareness for genetically modified Alfalfa
Making connections
Making policy fun!
Miranda Cobb, Community Food Researcher
Evaluate programs in order to improve what we do and make greater impact
Storytelling using verbal, photo, and video to tell the story of food in our communities
Creating opportunities to hear from communities
Reflecting on how we are doing things and learning how to adapt
Participatory Storysharing
Joggins Fossil Institute
Children's learning garden, Edible berry patch, huge pollinator garden (100+ plants) with Clean NS & Youth Conservation Corps.
Next year: interpretive signage, cafe herb garden
Seed hub in early stages, root cellar in Tatamagouche
Cobequid Housing
Expanding and building gardens for seniors & low-income housing: 2014 plans for Fundy Manor & Oxford
Springhill Community Garden
2014: expand from 15 to 20 beds, rain barrels
Parrsboro Garden Club
Parrsboro Community Garden, Seed saving garden, Food skills workshops, NSGCN convention (100+ gardeners)
Cumberland Food Action Network
2014: More permaculture planting, pollinator garden, seed saving garden
River Hebert Garden Club & River Hebert Junior high
Sackville Community Garden
Amherst Community Garden
Cumberland Health Authority
Capacity building, strategic planning
subsidized CSA/Foodbox program
Cumberland North Shore
Pugwash Farmer's Market
Seed saving garden, pollinator garden
Gardening and food skills workshops
And more!
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