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ICS3U Grade 11 Jeopardy Game

Study Guide created by Claire Li!

Corina Banica

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of ICS3U Grade 11 Jeopardy Game

Java App2
Java App1


What is a small Java application that is embedded in an HTML document and run in a browser window?
What is Java applet?
What is the extension for a style sheet file saved externally?
What is .css?
What is .htm / .html?
What is the correct HTML tag to make a text
What is <b>?
What is HyperText
Markup Language?

What is HTML?
They start with // or /*.
What are comments?
What is the code typed by a programmer?
What is
source code?
What character marks the beginning of every class?
What is "{" ?
This method begins the execution of a Java application.
What is main() method?
The compiled Java application
files have this extension.
What is .class?
What is used to define the type, paragraph, and page format
for the HTML documents?
What is a style sheet?
This text is enclosed
by <p> and </p>.
What is paragraph?
What is the correct HTML tag to make a text
What is <i>?
What are comments?
The following symbols
\n, \t, \\ and \” are called..
What is an escape sequence?
What is a heading tag?
This tag defines a
description list.
What is <dl>?
This tag is used to insert a line in a HTML document.
What is <hr>?
In HTML, the images are defined with this tag.
What is <img>?
What method is used in Java to format the output ?
What is System.out.format()?
The <a> tag is used to define..
What is hyperlink?
What tag allows you to tell the
browser things about
the web page?

What is the <head> tag?
What is the correct
HTML tag for inserting a line break?
What is <br>?
A computer that
communicates with a
web browser over
the Internet using HTTP.
What is a web server?
A set of guidelines for writing an application.
What are code conventions?
A CSS declaration always
ends with this.
What is a ";" ?
A list of links, in which using the <ul> and <li> elements makes perfect sense.
What is a navigation bar?
What is the correct tag to create a numbered list?
Whatis <ol>?
This application is used
to view HTML documents
that have been published
to a web server.
What is a web broswer?
What is the extension for an HTML file?
What is the name for the code comprised of 1s and 0s?
What is machine code?
These tags <!-- and --> are used to insert ... in HTML.
The tags
<h1>, <h2>, <h3>,
<h4>, <h5>, <h6>
are called..
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