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No description

Cassandra Mode

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov

Sept. 26, 1849-
Feb. 27, 1936
Born in Ryazan, Russia. Died in St. Petersburg, Russia at 86 years old.

Applications: Classroom Management
Pavlov's experiments were more designed for laboratory use, therefore it is hard to measure if the same results would apply to learning.

It does not help create new behaviors

Has numerous variables

It can trigger phobias in humans
A learning process that occurs when two stimuli
are repeatedly paired.

Pavlov's experiments showed how learning could
affect behaviors that were once thought to be
involuntary or reflexive.
Unconditioned Stimulus (the meat)

Unconditioned Response (salivating)

Neutral Stimuli (the bell)

Conditioned Stimulus (the bell after being
It helps protect oneself
It produces a high success rate in behavior modification
It can be used in every day life

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Miranda Willets and Cassey Mode
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