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Concentration Amp

Does music help you concentrate, and if so which genres are the best and worst?

Nathanail Bledsoe

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Concentration Amp

Music & Concentration
There have been many studies in history about how your concentration can be improved by listening to music.
But most of society comes to conclusion that it just depends on what you find soothing to concentrate to. It doesn't even have music it could be a certain sound that you often that helps you concentrate.


Its been said that
Classical is the best
type of music to study
with because of it's smooth texture. Its many instruments provide a smooth transfer for
emotion and brainwaves.
But is classical music really the better option for studying and concentrating, or is it just a global myth.
Many social projects come to state that insomnia music
or sleeping music is better because it clears your brain
from any distractions.
Classical Music
Some noises people use while trying to concentrate
-Insomnia or sleeping
-Air Conditioners
-Ocean Waves
-TV Static
-Laundry and dryer
The reason some people use noises instead of music is because of the constant, no changing tone if gives, their brain has nothing to expect or predict because it already knows what's gonna happen.
People choose music because certain keys and tones help you think clearer.
It also can release a dose of Dopamine, a chemical in your brain that makes you happy.
Some genres people use to concentrate with

Test 1
First I studied with classical music
Three things I noticed...
1. I kept looking at my tablet
2. I Kept trying to find a better song
3. The occasional chorus was

Test 2
Next I tested study
with Jazz music
3 things I noticed...
1.Unlike classical, I never changed
the song
2.The chorus wasn't as distracting
as before
3.On the negative side the
lyrics were more distracting

Test 3

This time I studied with
metal core music....
1. I found myself daydreaming.
2. I couldn't concentrate on one
thing at a time.
3. I zoned out frequently.
Test 4
In my last test I conducted
I listened to insomnia music
1.Lol I got tired.
2.Once again I started
to daydream.
3.My brain was more
In Conclusion the music that best help me study was Jazz.
The End.
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