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Famous Entrepreneur Scavenger Hunt

No description

Kailee Chappell

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Famous Entrepreneur Scavenger Hunt

Famous Entrepreneur Scavenger Hunt
Bill Gates
1. How many employees does Bill Gates have? Bill Gates has 79,000 employees.
2. What year did Microsoft begin? April 4th, 1975.
3. What programming language did Bill Gates develop? BASIC
Martha Stewart
1. What type of business did Martha started 1970? She started a catering business.
2. How much is Martha's company worth? 970 million.
3. Where did Martha work before she became an entrepreneur? She was a stockbroker for a boutique.
Charles Schwab
1. What is Charles Schwab's net worth? His net worth is 5.1 billion dollars.
2. What year was his company founded? His company was founded in 1971.
3. What type of business is he in? He is in the banking business.
Dave Thomas
1. How did Wendy's get its name? It got it's name from Dave's daughter's nickname, "Wendy".
2. What year was the 1st Wendy's opened? It was opened November 15th, 1969.
3. What year did Wendy's open its 2000th store? November 1980.
Debbie Fields
1. What year did she open her 1st store? She opened her 1st store in 1977.
2. What does Mrs. Fields sell? She sells cookies.
Phil Knight
1. In the beginning, where did Phil sell his shoes? In a little store he made himself.
2. Who was Phil's co-founder? His co-founder was Philip Hampson.
3. How much was his first investment? $1,000.
4. What does NIKE stand for? It stands for the greek goddess of victory.
Donald Trump
1. What did Donald study in college and where did he go to school? He studied for science in economics and he went to school at Fordham University.
2. How did he earn his money? Inheritance from his dad and government protection.
Orville Redenbacher
1. What did Orville grow in order to make extra money? He grew popcorn.
2. How did he become successful? He popped popcorn that had less kernal in it.
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