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Creating Tests that Assess Higher Order Thinking Skills

No description

PROF Center

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Creating Tests that Assess Higher Order Thinking Skills

Creating Tests that Assess Higher Order Thinking Skills The learning outcomes must: be measurable be attainable have a limiting factor Learning outcomes determine exam questions;
they must have three parts: Key word Object Limiting factor For example: Using the list in your text, choose the words
that meet the criteria for knowlegde questions... Application Key Words imagine pretend visualize assume suppose put yourself
in the situation use your
knowledge to Evaluation Key Words Knowledge Key Words rank order decide support explain critique judge grade criticize suggest convince persuade recommend remembering memorizing recognizing recalling of information who what where how describe Common errors AVOID "All of the above..." "None of the above..." Distractors that are not relevant to the question Having one choice that is longer than all of the rest Answer options that states a reason Conclusions Use three part questions Questions pertain to learning outcomes Have students create questions Use other methods to assess students in higher order thinking skills presents for faculty ©All rights reserved
Developed by: Jose L. Moreno
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