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Creating a Character

No description

siani irving

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Character

Creating a Character
Creating a character
It is really important when writing a story to make you characters come alive by making sure you have described them in detail. This will help the reader to create a mental picture of what they look like.

You must make sure that you tell your reader something about the characters appearance (height, hair colour, dress sense) and personality (friendly, chatty, brave).
Take a look at the words in-front of you. Highlight the ones you might use to describe your character.
Your Turn
Task – select at least 2 of the words you highlighted and write a detailed description of what happens to their facial features when their emotion changes.

Think about how you can describe someone's face as it changes shape and how this shows what they are feeling.

Try to include – interesting vocabulary, similes, metaphors, sensory imagery.
Character Portrait
Task – draw your character and label them in terms of their physical appearance and personality as shown through their facial expressions and body language

You must add plenty of detail to your labels! Create a clear image in the readers mind.
'He has a big nose'
His nose was large and pointed like a sharp dagger'

Include details such as – colours, smells, textures, similes and metaphors.

Were you detailed enough?
Paired work. Label yourself A or B
A you will be reading our your character details first to B.
B you will have to draw what you believe the character being described looks like.
Then swap over - A draw B describe.
LO: I can write an accurate and detailed character description.

Starter: Make a list of 3-5 typical characters you might come across in films and stories and give a description about their appearance.

Example: Scary character – they have teeth as sharp as razors and hollow blood red eyes.

Task 1: Make a list of 5 things you would want to tell your reader about your characters appearance and personality.
Personality - grumpy
Next, add some more detail to your descriptions.
Additional details – They are particularly grumpy in the mornings, especially when the tube to work is extremely busy.
Now that you have chosen some words to describe your character, you need to go into more detail about how these traits are shown through appearance. Think about how peoples facial expressions change when their emotion changes.
Example: Evil – His eyes swirled with rage and the deep wrinkles in his head deepened with anger.
Answer the following question in your books.
Were your descriptions detailed enough?

Write down what your partner drew accurately and what features you needed to add more detail to.
Finally – improve one of your descriptions that you needed to add more detail to.
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