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Helen Keller The Story of My Life chapters 17-18

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Morgan Roehm

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Helen Keller The Story of My Life chapters 17-18

Chapter 17
In 1894, Helen went to Wright-Humason School for the Deaf in New York City with Ms. Sullivan. While there, Helen studied arithmetic, French, German, and physical geography.
New York
Helen remembered the joy she found in taking walks with her class in Central Park. She aslo enjoyed visiting West Point, Tarrytown, home of Washington Irving. Before Helen left, she was inflicted with the greatest sorrow she has ever felt, apart from her father's death. A great friend of hers that helped her through everything, Mr. John P. Spaulding, passed away not long before she left.
Chapter 18
In 1896, Helen enrolled in the Cambridge School for Young Ladies to prepare herself for Radcliffe. This was the first step to fulfill her childhood promise of attending Harvard. While there, she studied English history, English literature, German, Latin, arithmetic, Latin composition and occasional themes.
Cambridge Life
Apart from having a head start in Latin and was well taught in English by Miss Sullivan, there was a great deal of struggles during her time there. Miss Sullivan couldn't spell out all of the books she had to read and could not always get her braille textbooks in time.
Helen Keller The Story of My Life chapters 17-18
Helen seemed to make major progress in German.
French, however, was more difficult.
She struggled in arithmetic.
Helen found physical geography very interesting and enjoyed learning about the secrets of nature.
Preliminary exams
At the end of her time at Cambridge,
Helen took her preliminary examinations (test to get into Radcliffe) in Elementary and Advanced German, French, Latin, English, and Greek and Roman history. She passed all of her tests during the time limit and received "honours" in German and English.
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