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Chaparral Biome

No description

Jose Suarez

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Chaparral Biome

The Chaparral (Mediterranean) Biome Attraction Abiotic factors of the Chaparral biome Dry soil Excruciating heat Native plants Yucca plant Olive trees These and many other plants adapt to there surrounding by capturing water on there hard leaves which help them survive in the extreme heat Native animals Coyotes Grey fox These type of animal adapt each season.
In the summer they grow a short thin layer of fur
In the winter the grow a thick layer of fur Attractions Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area Hiking Mountain biking Wills Canyon to Chaparral Crest Loop (Beginning of hiking trail) (This is located in Los Angeles and this is were you can do all activities) Weather report Average precipitation is 12-40 inches a year The average temperature is from 30-100 Fahrenheit What to bring You should bring: Water, sunscreen, shorts, short sleeves, hiking boots, hat or sometime to cover your head from the sun. Warning Wild fire and Human development Also wild animal who might attack
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