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How do atoms form rocks?

Presentation for middle school science students

Lindley Hanson

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of How do atoms form rocks?

How do atoms form minerals and minerals form rocks? First, what is an atom? Atoms are pictured like this with a nucleus and shells with electrons. But is this accurate? Try showing that on a piece of paper! That's why we do THIS THERE ARE 92 NATURALLY OCCURRING ELEMENTS. which combine to form compounds Minerals are compounds that crystallize under natural conditions from water, magma, or the alteration of other minerals. Crystalline means their molectular structure looks like this or this NOT THIS!! See the difference? In a crystalline structure
there is a pattern. Let's take another look. A solid with no ordered atomic arrangement is amorphous. Glass is amorphous. A natural glass can be a rock, but not a mineral. obsidian
(rapidly cooled lava) HOWEVER Most rocks are composed of minerals. like this granite
(igneous) feldspar quartz biotite A rock can be composed of many minerals. or just one like this quartzite like the granite just shown, or
this metamorphic gneiss or rock salt YES
WE DO EAT ROCKS!!! How are atoms formed? Yes, YOU ARE composed of star dust!! And that is how atoms form minerals, and minerals form rocks. like this volcanic glass quartz biotite feldspar This is all quartz with a bit of rusty staining Halite orderly another ordered pattern randomly arranged atoms
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