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Zoologist Senior Project

Senior Project

Amanda Griffin

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Zoologist Senior Project

Step Four Put book together
Final Product Step Three Cont. Step Two Second Step Took a trip to the San Francisco Zoo Product Step One Going to The Sacramento Zoo Job Outlook Cont. If an area of animals became endangered or show signs of a disease, zoologists are hired to figure out what is going on
2020 20,000 zoologists will work in the United States
Increase from 2010 by 1,500 Job Outlook There are not many openings for a zoologist
United States Fish and Game(Fish and Wildlife)
Opening are determined on the budget of the state
Retiring biologist, people changing carriers, or advance management opportunities Advancements Getting a PhD
Masters Degree not required
Become Instructor
PhD will help for more independent research Education and Training Bachelor Degree required
Oregon State
Volunteering with animals Pros. Diverse Opportunities
Interaction with Animals
Research living and dead animals
$58,000 in 2010
Government around $75,000 per year
Metropolitan areas $100,000 annually Influential Person Alfred Kinsey: a zoologist who studied how animals reproduce
Taught students about animals
They asked him questions about how animals have sex
He discovered that every living organism acts different History Aristotle (Father of Biology)
Found a bird egg at different stages of life
Discovered that the heart was 1st to develop
He was wrong!
It was the spinal cord Zoologist By: Amanda Griffin Reflection I have decided this I what I want to do as a profession!
I learned that its going to take allot to become a zoologist (school and money).
I also learned that Hippopotamus can hold their breath for 5 minuets!
I'm really excited about moving on in life and doing something that i will love! Job Description Research the habitat and living ways
Help animals not become extinct
Care and maintain animal habitat Cons. Dangers
Encountering animals may cause attacks
Variable Working Conditions
Balancing personal life and work
Public Employment Risks
Job cuts
Weather Conditions Research Animals Step Four
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