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Social Institutions in industrial and Post-Industrial Societ

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Assaad Feghali

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Social Institutions in industrial and Post-Industrial Societ

Social Institutions in industrial and Post-Industrial Societies
Educational Institutions
Medical Institutions
Political Institutions
Scientific Institutions
Judicial Institutions
Religious Institutions
Military Institutions
Mass Media Institutions
Family Institution
Economic Institutions
Main Focus
-Regulate Reproduction.

-Create a continuous present process of socialization for members of the Institution.

-Protect Children from Harm and Danger.

-Transmit Culture between generations of that Family.

Examples of Family Institutions
-Extended Family going across several generations

-Several Nuclear Family groups

Main Focus
-Provide Humans with a moral code to follow.

-Help Humans understand the meaning of life and death, and to understand what happens after death.

-Help Humans understand the creation of the world, and to help connect to the creator(s).

Examples of Religious Institutions
-Bible Societies
-Hindu Organizations
-Pagan Religions

Main Focus
-Transmit cultural heritage, values, and norms through generations.

-Transfer knowledge from generation to generation.

-Encourage social integration with people of different backgrounds and religions.

Examples of Eduactaional Institutions
-Public Schools
-Private Schools
-Community Colleges
-Trade Schools/Technical Schools

Main Focus
-Regulating the production and distribution of goods and services.

-Regulating the Trade and Exchange of goods and services between different sides.

Examples of Economical Institutions
-Insurance Companies
-Trust Companies

Main Focus
-Provide people in need with necessary care and healing procedures for their well being, taking into use the tools they have present.

-Provide the Dying with a more comfortable Death.

Examples of Medical Institutions
-Doctor’s Offices
-Adult Day Care

Main Focus
-Protect Citizens from both internal and external threats.

-Establish a hierarchy of authority over a certain country or part of it.

Examples of Political Institutions
-Political Parties

Main Focus
-Maintain Social Order.

-Prevent the breaking of any country laws.

-Take the necessary actions in case of Law-Breaking.

Examples of Judicial Institutions
-District Courts
-Federal Courts
-Law Enforcement

Main Focus
-Conquer once impossible tasks.

-Explain how the world and environment is changing around us.

-Provide explanations to most of the world’s phenomena.

-Conduct experiments to find more effective ways of dealing with everyday problems.

Examples of Scientific Institutions
-Research Centers
-Local and International Associations

Main Focus
-Protect a Country from foreign threats.

-Promote National Interests of a country.
-Fight on the Battlefield to protect their lands.

-Make sure no harm befalls the population of a country during a war.

Examples of Military Institutions
-Air Force
-Coast Guard
-Armed Special Forces

Main Focus
-Report Events.

-Spread news and information to the public.

-Mold Public Opinion.

Examples of Mass Media Institutions
-Radio Stations
-Television Networks

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