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My Term 2

No description

Alex Foreman

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of My Term 2

In math we have been learning percents

30% of 76 is 39
you take 30 and hit the divide button and punch in 76 and get you answer.
English Language Arts
In ELA we have been doing stories. Right now we are doing "The Westing Game".
We get a booklet and we have the chapters: questions, vocabulary, and the story.

We are learning about Mixtures.
We are learning about Mechanical Mixtures.
We are also learning about Solutions.
We are learning about Russia. We got an article about an anti- gay law in Sochi,Ru.
'Cause of this law a bunch of athletes did not come and participate in the 2014 olympics.

Physical Education
In P.E we were learning about badminton and basketball
In Badminton I learned that in a service the first back line is out, but after the other team returns it becomes the back-back line for out.
I also learned that you have to serve it past the first line on the other teams side.
Another thing I learned that you have to serve diagonal but if they touch it. We play normal.
My Term 2
Visual Art
In art we are doing
one and two point
perspective pictures.
We have a vanishing
point and we make
the picture
disappear into it.
We did a Latin
American music
composer.We wrote a
report on them and
presented them to the
class in a powerpoint.
In C.E we are learning
responsibility. We learned
the do's and don'ts of
responsibility. We got to
make it into a poster.
In guidance we
are making day
planners.We are
learning how to
manage our time.
In French class
we are learning
about food. We
got to make a
In health we are learning about Cyber-Bullying. We get to make a poster.
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