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GW Chile PDO

No description

Office For Study Abroad

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of GW Chile PDO

GW Study Program PDO
Arrival Info
Arrive in Santiago at Arturo Merino Benitez international airport no later than 10:30am
on July 19th for group pick up.
Visas are YOUR Responsibility
Apply ASAP!!
Instructions in passport are for DC consulate only!!
Questions? Contact the embassy or consulate!
FBI Background Check
Please note this process can take up to 3 months!! Use an FBI Challener to speed the process! Start NOW!
1. A written request/application letter, which can be found at: www.fbi.gov
2. A fingerprint card
3. An $18 processing fee (money order or credit card only)
Mail the above to FBI CJIS Division – Record Request
They will first send you an email confirming that your payment went through, and then will mail you the record
How to get a fingerprint card
A fingerprint card includes your name, date of birth, descriptive data, 10 rolled fingerprint impressions and plain impressions including both thumbs
You can find the application form at: www.fbi.gov
Go to 1634 Eye Street, Suite 402 to get fingerprints
Bring $15
Do not need proof of residence
After you’ve mailed in your FBI background check request, start the rest of the visa application process
Where is the Chilean consulate?
1734 Massachusetts Ave NW
8:30am-1:30pm Mon-Fri
Required Application Materials to upload
CHECK EXACT INFO on the consulate website!
FBI or Police Background Check (issued within past 6 months)
Visa application forms, filled out (typed in capital letters) and signed.
Copy of valid passport (do not mail the actual passport)
1 passport-sized photograph (OSA)
Letter of acceptance from Chilean university (from OSA)***
Letter or certificate of financial support (from OSA)
A supplemental form to be signed by your parents and then notarized
Health certificate recently issued and signed by doctor ($50 at student health)
Make an appointment at the consulate
Bring ALL original documents (including passport)
The consulate will not return visas by mail;
you MUST go in person to pick them up
The visa will be stamped in your passport
At the consulate....
You cannot apply for a visa until you have your background check but you should start gathering additional documentation NOW
Do NOT mail your passport – they never return visas by mail
When you go to consulate bring originals of all documents
General facts
You can renew your visa in Chile if you decide to stay for another semester
Visa must be stamped in your passport BEFORE you go to Chile
Worst-case scenario: enter country as a tourist and apply for visa in Chile (much slower, more difficult and bureaucratic)
Non-U.S. citizens have different visa requirements
The guidelines explained here apply to the consulate in DC
Write your name as it appears on your passport!
You will register for courses in Chile with the
help of your Resident Director
1 average PUC course = 3.5 GW credits
1 average U de Chile course = 4-5 GW credits
Must achieve a 4 or better to earn credit
What's in the packet?
Personal expenses letter
Financial guarantee (2 pages)
Health insurance packet
1 passport photo
Program calendar
Fire safety abroad
Your Resident Director will send more detailed arrival information.
Chile Summer Students - arrive in Santiago July 1.
Everyone else depart from the US July 18.
What's Next?
Complete your online PDO Quiz by Friday!

Join the GW Chile Fall '18 Facebook Group!

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