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Unpacking Embedded Assessment 2 SpringBoard Activity 1.11

Grade 6

Kathleen Swinehart

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Unpacking Embedded Assessment 2 SpringBoard Activity 1.11

Learning Targets
Reflect on prior learning and connect to learning necessary to complete Embedded Assessment 2 successfully.

Compare and contrast writing a personal narrative and writing a short story.
Embedded Assessment 2: Write a Short Story
Write a story using dialogue, vivid verbs, and figurative language that captures a real or imagined experience and includes characters, conflict, and a plot with exposition, climax, and resolution.
Skills and Knowledge Needed:
Write a multi-paragraph short story that addresses the prompt.

Develop real or imagined events with focused and compelling conflict and interesting setting, characters, and point of view

Sequence events logically to add interest or suspense

Provide an engaging exposition and thoughtful resolution.

Use a variety of transitions.

Use precise words and sensory details (vivid verbs, figurative language)

Demonstrate command of pronoun use, sentence variety, dialogue punctuation.
3. Compare and Contrast
Based on your current understanding, how do you think writing a personal narrative and a short story are similar?

How are they different? Fill in the chart below with your ideas for each genre.

4. Discuss your findings:
Based on your discussion what conclusions can you draw about personal narratives and short stories?

Vocabulary Review
Unpacking Embedded Assessment 2
What do these similarities and differences mean for you as a writer?

Do you think writing a short story will be more or less challenging than writing a personal narrative? Why?

5. As a writer....
In the first part of this unit, you thought about changes in your life and learned how to write a personal narrative. In the second part of the unit, you will expand on your writing skills by learning to write a short story that will appeal to an audience.

Making Connections
Reflect on Essential Questions
1. How can change be significant?

2. Have your ideas about what makes a good story changed?
Short Story Rubric
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