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Mining Disasters

Leif's report

Todd Buchanan

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Mining Disasters

MINING DISASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! {before 1920s} CARFUL!! In the old days mining was dangerous.
you could be killed!
There were many ways to be killed
but one of the most common ways
was explosions. However there is of
course your own stupidity, falling rocks from the ceiling, suffocation, sometimes sticks of dynamite and the occasional CO poisoning which is carbon monoxide . *** How A Mining Explosion ***

*** Is Formed *** Here are some pictures of a mine after an explosion Some coal mining disasters are started by a spark or some type of flame being touched by trapped methane gas which can cause a major explosion. Another way an explosion can start is when lighting hits the mine cart rail and goes down the mine and collides with methane gas. Interesting Facts! _ One time a miner stuck a piece of dynamite in his back pocket and later it caught fire and the miner blew up! WAYS TO STOP THESE EVENTS Thanks For Watching! by: Keagan Bondoreff and Leif Buchanan - one of the major causes of explosions was lighting.

- in the explosion in Nanaimo only 7 men survived

- also in the Nanaimo explosion the mine was six miles outside of town but the people there could hear the explosion

- only one out of fourteen do accidents happen from explosives.

- sometimes rockfalls trap miners because of the poor job on the boards that keep the ceiling up. Here are some dangers, - rock falls, because of the poor job on the wooden boards that keep the ceiling up.

- fires, also because of the wooden boards on the ceiling

- explosions are an obvious one.

- dynamite is a danger but it doesn't happen often

- YOU CAN'T!!!! But you can try to prevent it by
putting limestone and dust on the
mine cart rails to try to stop
the lighting getting to the methane

They also used a lantern contraption they called the "The Miners Friend", because it gave light (like a candle), but it did not cause any heat from the candle because of the barrier of wire gauze.The reason you don't want heat is because if a type of gas were to combine with the heat well...

BOOM!!! The also had trap doors that they would open and shut to ventilate the mine. these jobs were usually done by kids.
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