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Structure Of The Internet

The key concepts behind the structure of the Internet.

Mr Vass

on 15 November 2010

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Transcript of Structure Of The Internet

The Structure of
the Internet The World Wide Web
(WWW) A system of interlinked hypertext documents which are accessed via the Internet. A web browser is used to view these documents/web pages which may consist of text, images and other multimedia. Users will navigate between these pages using hyperlinks. The web pages are stored on special purpose computers called web servers. HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) is used to transport documents from a web server to the computer (client) that made a request for the web page Internet The interconnection of two or more computer networks (any network of computers is an Internet or Internetwork). (can include WAN and LAN). Uses Internet Protocol (IP)
and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to support public access to web pages and e-mail. Uses a system of data packets to allow data to be sent between computers across the world. Intranets A private network of computers that still use Internet protocols (IP and TCP). An internal website,
available to a closed community. Allows the secure sharing of an organisation's information and operations with it's members only. Shares all of the same technologies as the Internet (e.g. Clients and servers, HTTP, FTP, POP3 and SMTP) Global and public network Computers identified by a globaly unique IP address (e.g. Understand the structure of the Internet

Define some of the key terms related to the Internet

Define and explain the differences between:

World Wide Web Learning Objectives
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