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By Romo

No description

John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of By Romo

Immigrating to California from Texas

Romo´s Migration

It was a 2048 and it was a great sunny day and my kids were watching TV and my wife was making dinner. Then I came in and said guys were going to Canada. We started packing up my kids were excited, but I was most. I wanted to go to California but first stopping at Canada. I wanted to go to California for a good paying job, but we are going to have to make a few stops.
Why did I want to go to California
We were driving on the road and my kids were asleep and my wife was on her phone. It was a long day just got off the plane and heading to our new home. Later we finally made it to home I woke up the kids and they ran in the living room and turned on the TV and my wife started making dinner. I was so exhausted I fell in the bed and went to sleep. My challenges that I faced were hard I could not find a job, but then I got a job of a oceanographer.
We are here
Exploring Canada
I took a plane it took about 4 to 5 day.I got to go to Canada and now I am driving to a hotel. I only went to Canada for exploring. I have never been at Canada when I was a kid so now I got to travel there now. I also want my kids to see Canada so they can have a fun time there. But we need to finish our journey, but lets say hi to my grandpa.
Visiting My Grandpa
I went to Canada to Washington state. I wanted to move there to see my grandparents and for the kids to see there great grandparents. I had a great time with my grandparents to much too name,but it was time to finish my journey.
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