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Protest at Gallaudet University Evokes Change

No description

Amy Milcznski

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Protest at Gallaudet University Evokes Change

DPN erupts
Protest at Gallaudet University Evokes Change
Justice for Gallaudet!
Gallaudet University: Founded in 1864
Located in Washington, D.C.
The only Liberal Arts university that was created to serve the deaf and hard of hearing.
124 years and no Deaf

president to date
In 1987, the sixth
President of
Gallaudet, announced
his plan to resign
in 1988.
The Board of Trustees began the search for a new president
In the 1960s
William Stokoe
ASL as a

Capable of expressing abstract ideas.
With its own set of semantics, pragmatics, and syntax.
A language utilizing space and movement to convey meaning.
began gaining popularity and
interpreting gained professional status.
Rallies were held to advocate for a deaf president

The Board
consists of 15
hearing and 4 deaf individuals
The board ignored the support of a deaf president and selected Elizabeth Zinser, the only hearing individual of the 3 finalist
The protest was gaining national attention
Four Students would emerge as leaders.

Greg Hlibok, SBG President

Tim Rarus, Brigdetta Bourne, and
Jerry Covell.
The "Ducks"
Four Student Leaders
Four Demands
President Zinser Resign
Elizabeth Spilman, Chairman of the Board resign
51% majority of the Board be deaf
No reprisals
Spilman was quoted saying,
"Deaf people cannot function in a hearing world."
Students chained all the entrances to the University and let the air out of all the tires of the buses.
No one was getting in.
Students at the
Protesters borrowed a sign that was used trying to get MLK birthday declared a national holiday.

They made headlines
How can she communicate with the students??
Comic strips mocking
Zinsers' lack
of ASL
A deaf person can do anything a hearing person can do except hear.
DPN made it on Nightline and the news
History is made
After the faculty had a vote of no confidence in Zinser, she resigns as President.
After one week of protest...
I. King Jordan is selected as Gallaudet's FIRST deaf president
Jordan was Gallaudet's 8th President, no doubt the first of many deaf presidents to come.
Activism in the deaf community:
In the years to follow, many other protest were held in various locations, including another protest at Gallaudet about the selection of the President chosen when King resigned.
Deaf people fought oppression, injustice, and inequality...
and won
This brought awareness to the hearing world about the plight of the deaf and provided new insight on deafness.
"Better President Now" in
2006 at Gallaudet
See Amy for references used for this Prezi. Pictures were not taken by Amy, credit given on reference page.
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