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I Funny by James Patterson

No description

Laura Cody

on 31 January 2016

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Transcript of I Funny by James Patterson

Jamie Grimm- a middle-aged boy who is handicapped and who would like to be a comedian. He is also an orphan who lives with the Smileys.

Uncle Frankie- a man who owns a diner and is a champion with a yo-yo. He is Jamie's cousin.
Jamie has entered a comedian contest and has won local, state, regional, and the semifinal competitions. All he now has to win is finals. Right before finals happen a hurricane hits the town that Jamie lives in and wrecks everything including the diner and his home. The Red Cross gives everyone a place to sleep/live until the town gets rebuilt.
This book is fiction/comedy.

Before Jamie goes to finals he gets full of himself and starts being a jerk to his friends, Gaynor, Peirce, and Gilda. Then one morning Jamie wakes up to hearing someone yelling for him to get in a limousine to go to finals. Jamie goes in with Uncle Frankie and they head to the Los Angeles airport. When he gets there he goes to his hotel room and sleeps.
The next day Jamie goes to rehearsals and practice their acts. Later that night they go to a big party with a ton of celebrities. The next day Jamie goes o finals. The other three comedians go up and do their act. Jamie is the last one to go. What will happen? Will Jamie go home a loser? Will his friends forgive him? You'll find out, if you read the book!
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves having a laugh. I would also recommend the book for ages 9-13. This book is for boys and girls.
I Totally Funniest by James Patterson
Funny, emotional, incredible, great, and fantastic.
"Plays readers' heartstrings like a banjo." -Booklist
"Includes twists and turns that make for an engrossing read." -School Library Journal
"A poignant storyline... The
affecting ending... celebrates Jamie's
resilient spirit." -Kirkus Reviews
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