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Tidal energy

No description

Brendan Scaar

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Tidal energy

Tidal energy
What is Tidal Energy?
A form of hydro power that converts the energy of tides into forms of power such as electricity.
Uses of tidal energy in everyday life.
Tidal energy generates electricity which is able to be used in everyday life.
Technology that uses tidal energy
Air conditioning etc
Advantages of tidal energy
Renewable energy source.
Environmentally friendly.
Tidal energy doesn't require any kind of fuel to run.
Efficiency is far greater than coal, solar and wind energy.
Disadvantages of tidal energy
Cost of construction of tidal power plant is high.
Localized to coastal regions.
Low or weak tides, straight shorelines, low tidal rise or fall are some of the obstructions.
Where tidal energy is used today
Tidal power is used to generate electricity for thousands of homes in the present day in South Korea and France.
Impact of tidal energy on the environment
Destruction of habitat and potential acoustic pollution. Hydroelectric systems kill fish, and the waste heat that ends up in the water reduces its capacity to store dissolved oxygen, harming all organisms in the affected area.
Recent development in tidal energy
The total availability of tidal power may be much higher than previously assumed.
Economic and environmental costs may be brought down.
Reasons to continue searching tidal energy
Tidal energy has much potential.
It is a renewable energy source.
70% of the earth is covered with water.
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