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Untitled Prezi

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Genica Sta. Cruz

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Traditional stories
Explains origin of life
Religious belief and cultural tradition
Forces of nature as supernatural happenings
Gods and goddesses are involves

What is a myth?

Folk Narratives
Tinguian Story
By: Monina A. mercado

The Great Flood:
Humitau Restores the World
Who are they?
Where can we find them?

Essential Question:
How would you relate the action of the characters to the nature of human beings?
If you were the character would you do the same thing?

Cause and effect of characters’ action
In group of 5 members, Write a cause and effect relationship based on the given situation and then write a possible solution.
Cause: Throwing of trash anywhere
Effect: clogging water drainage
Solution: Throw trash or garbage properly

Group Tasks:
Myth serves to explain origin of life, religious belief, and forces of nature or supernatural event thus it is a reflection of our cultural traditions and presence.
Action: To deepen understanding of our cultural tradition, research for more myths and be ready to narrate it.

Summary / Action
Then the LORD took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it
Gen. 2:15

Using a short bond paper, make a collage picturing out the effects of men’s abuse to nature.

How does reading Philippine folk
narratives deepen one’s understanding
about human nature?
Aponi-tolau was bored with the view from the mountain peak.

He ran away from the mountain peak and reached the plains.

Aponi-tolau was bewitched by the waves of the sea.

He made himself a bamboo raft and sailed in the sea.

The sea maidens laughed and danced as they enticed Aponi-tolau into their palace.

Aponi-tolau became very angry and lashed them with his charmed hook.

Aponi-tolau was dazzled by beauty of Humitau.

He carried her onto his raft and swiftly rode toward his mountain home.

The cries of the seaweed maidens reached Tau-mariu in his abode.

Tau-mariu called the waves to lashed Aponi-tolau’s raft and throw the latter into the sea. Tau-mariu also ordered the armies of tuna to push the raft back to Tower Rock

The waves beat Aponi-tolau and the armies of tuna fish pushed back his raft.

Aponi-tolau called to his mother for help.

Langaan learned of Tau-marui’s plot for revenge.

Langaan swiftly sent the North Wind to tell her son to hurry with his wife and household to the highest peak of the Cordillera mountains.

She had eaten the mountain herbs and so had lost all her sea powers.

Humitau had lost all her longings for the sea.

Humitau cried out to Tau-marui for help.

Tau-marui ordered the waters to stop rising, and the waves to stop buffeting. He pulled back the sea to the its shores and the rivers to their beds.

Tau-marui never forgave Aponi-tolau for taking Humitau.

Tau- marui swore the waves would still rise and floods would rampage boats would be wrecked at sea, and men would drown.

The End
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