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Chemical reactions around the house

A brief description of chemical reactions around the house

Michael Smith

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Chemical reactions around the house

Chemical reactions
around the house Baking a cake When you bake a cake the ingredients make
a different product to what they where before.
The things that make a chemical reaction are called REACTANTS. Striking a match

When you strike a match the match suddenly goes into flames its magic! Not really its just a simple chemical reaction. The reactants are a flammable substance on the end of the match and a rough section on the match box. when you rub the match against the side it creates friction which sets the flammable substance alight. Making bread When you make bread the yeast and the flour react to make the bread fluffy inside. Burning toast
When you burn toast the heat in the toaster and the bread make some scorched bits on the slice of bread. Sugar dissolving in tea When you put sugar in tea there is a special chemical in sugar that make it seem that it has disappeared. But simply it has just dissolved which means that it slowly "melts" into the tea leaving behind the taste. THE END!
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