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IPL HRIS Presentation - 2012 HKIHRM Conference

IPL HRIS Presentation at the 2012 HKIHRM Conference and Exhibition

sam lee

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of IPL HRIS Presentation - 2012 HKIHRM Conference

ESS Policy
Administration ANALYSIS Why ? Flexible report building
No programming skills needed Query Designer What
do we provide? - - build your own reports

- information at glance

- dynamic analysis Analytics Tools Query Designer HR Dashboard Pivot Viewer What is ? Hello! Lets begin by introducing IPL HRIS IPL HRIS is your to effectively maneuver your workforce alright, let's start exploring about IPL HRIS ! ADMINISTRATION of
traditional HRMS of
traditional HRMS of
traditional HRMS to
HR Administration Can
achieve this? Sustain operations

Strategic planning for V X Payoll
Calculation Role Functions Objectives . . repetitive administrative tasks

information and procedures Funny & .

Boring but -focused. Benefits IPL HRIS STRATEGIC } But is administration alone enough? No. In conjunction with administrative responsibilities
HR today is expected focus more on a leadership role to plan and execute strategic corporate plans to
add more value to the business Next Generation HRM solutions
are about: videos Create . Post them on YouTube, blip.tv, vimeo... Post . photos Photos of company parties, awards ceremonies and conferences. Publish , eBooks & news releases. presentations case studies presentations eBooks But to publish? where Photobucket, Facebook, YouTube, viddler, flickr, vimeo... Get your content ! found But how can you focus on planning
when there is to much administrative work? The new age of HR management is defined by cooperation: COOPERATION What can do? Pivot Viewer Talent Search
Succession Planning new
relationships HR and employees
to eliminate
administrative tasks win-win
relationship HR functions
to employees Open Profile Updating
Leave Administration
Tax Information
Career Planning
more... We are going to show you why IPL HRIS is your destination of choice managing today's HR. IPL HRIS is a Human Resources Management (HRM) solution that helps you manage your workforce It is the only
award winning HRM solution with Proven Solution One Stop Solution It can manage all your HR needs Manage whole
employee life cycles Manage global HR
operations More than
Payroll Admin Hotline: 2803 4026 Email: inquiry@ipl.ctil.com Thank you for visiting Please contact us at visit our website www.iplresearch.com or What is different about ? IPL HRIS IPL HRIS is about Traditional HRMS is about HR Leadership HR Administration Destination of Choice Record
Keeping current future Improve of processes

Achieve to ensure compliance to laws Accuracy Efficiency Automate Standardize Collection of HR reports
Enable cross comparison of information Visible at a Glance HR Dashboard DYNAMIC ! In Summary SME Fortune-500
MNC Enterprises You Easy to Use Welcome to IPL's booth at the 2012 HKIHRM Conference HR and employees working together to through the web to reduce HR costs and improves productivity. Employee Self-Service 24/7 Web Access to HR (ESS) ESS allows HR to focus on Strategic Analysis work together Create iLeave Employees HR Achieve Improve
service quality Improve
productivity More Than Payroll Admin
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