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The Steelers-

No description

Ryan Kasmerski

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of The Steelers-

Steeler Success
The Steelers are the most successful NFL team with six Super Bowls. No other NFL team matches the amount of Super Bowls The Steelers have. The Steelers won Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV, XL, as well as XLIII. As you can see, Steelers are the best team in the NFL.
The Steel
The Steel Curtain is a group of elite defenders who played on the Pittsburgh Steelers around the 1970's. These players put fear in the eyes of other NFL quarterbacks, running backs, and their offensive line. The Steel Curtain had "Mean Joe" Green, L.C Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, and Dwight White leading the defense to lots of great plays. The Steel Curtain was a force to be reckoned with!
The Steeler's
The Steeler's franchise began in 1933, owned and founded by the Rooney family. The Steelers started off as a very bad team. A little after the steelers became a team, world war 2 came upon the U.S, and lots of players went into the war leaving some teams with barely any players. The Steelers were one of those teams. They teamed up with other teams, like the eagles. The steelers name changed to the, "Steagles" Eventually though, world war 2 ended and a head coach named Chuck Noll drafted lots of really good players from college to play on the team. From there, the team won four super boles and were a really good team. Eventually, the steelers lost many players because of retirement and didn't win a super bole in a little less than twenty five years. Then, the team drafted some good players, and the team won two more super boles, leading the NFL.
The Steeler's Franchise
The Steelers franchise was founded by the Rooney family. The Steelers started off as a really bad team. In world war 2, the U.S needed more soldiers, and lots of players from the football league left, leaving some teams with very few player. The Steelers teamed up with a couple teams, including The Eagles. The name when they combined was, "The Steagles". After world war 2, a head coach named Chuck Noll drafted lots of really good players in the 1970's. With that squad, the team won four Super Bowls. Eventually, the Steelers lost most of their best players because of retirement. For a long time, the team didn't win a single Super Bowl. Then though, the Steelers drafted a few, really good players, and won two Super Bowls. With six Super Bowls, the Steelers are the best team in the NFL.
The Steeler Plan
One reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers are so different from other teams is that they focus on their defense more, instead of their offense. This strategy of the coaches has made a really unique team.
Chuck Noll
Chuck Noll was the best coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chuck Noll drafted some of Pittburgh's best players, such as Terry Bradshaw.
Offensive Leaders
The Current Steeler Defense
Terry Bradshaw
This is Terry Bradshaw, a quarterback that led the Steelers to four Super Bowls. Terry Bradshaw ties Joe Montana, arguable the best quarter that has ever played, in Super Bowls. Terry was a great team leader as well as a great team leader.
Franco Harris, and the, "Immaculate Reception"
Franco Harris was a really good running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. What Franco is most famous for the, "Immaculate Reception", a miracle of a catch. It was fourth down and the Steelers needed a touchdown to win. It was there first playoff appearance, and they were the underdogs. Terry Bradshaw threw a pass that was deflected, and everyone thought the Raiders won, but that didn't happen. As it shows on the picture, Franco reaches out and catches the ball right before it touches the ground. Only a few defenders see him, but they weren't fast enough to tackle hime before he made it into the end zone. This game turned the Steelers franchise right around, and they continue to be a team today to watch out for.
Here's some offensive leaders that lead the team today. Left is Leveon Bell, a strong running back, right to him is Ben Rothlesbereger, a good, veteran quarterback, and then there is Antonio Brown, a breakout wide reciever, second best in the NFL. These three team leaders give hope, energy, and a winning attitude to all the players on the Steelers.
As I said earlier, a reason why the Steelers bypass all other teams is that they mainly focus on their defense. Here's a picture of the more current Pittsburgh Steeler defense, with leaders like Troy Polamalu and Brett Keisel.
Steelers are the Best.
The Steelers

By Ryan Kasmerski

1st period, Mr.Woolison
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