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Ariana Grande

No description

Zariah Wi

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Ariana Grande

Ariana grande has been living with her mom and dad joan and edward she has been living there with them for 21 years.I beat her mom and dad are so happy of her.Also so her brother frankie j grande
Ariana life on t.v
Started Performing
Compared voices
Ariana Grande compared voices to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.This shows that Ariana Grande wanted to be like Mariah & whitney
Ariana Grande
Name:Ariana Butera Grande
Born:June 26 1993(Boca Raton-fl
All about Ariana Grande
Ariana granade known as cat valentine.She has been in three t.v shows and one movie.The first t.v show Ariana Granade was in was Victorious 2010-2013 then swindle 2013 last it is Sam & Cat 2013-2014.The frist movie that she made was snowflake the white gorilla.
Third Album
Ariana stared her frist album call"Put your hearts up" and her second album was called "The way" and "Your Truly".This shows she was very determind to make her frist,second and third album.
Ariana Grande at the age of 14
Ariana at the age of 21
Arinana & her parents
Ariana has done charity in her years.She performed and raised $500,000 dollars.She gave it to a young singing group called kids who care
Ariana went to the iheat radio awords sing the song problem with Iggy.They went to the iheat awords and won award.She went im May 2,2014.
Performed with
Ariana Grande has worked with Mika,Big Sean and Mac millen.This shows that she like to work with all different people.
Big Sean
Mac Millen
Ariana Grande
Ariana deiced to make more muise so she can be famous and could be heard.This shows that's she wants people to hear her.
Ariana's fan's
Ariana Grande has her fan's called Arianators
Ariana has her two best friend Elizabeth Gillies and Jennette Mccurdy.Both in Victorious and Sam and cat.
Best Friend
The change
Ariana Grande started performing in 2011-2014.This shows that she is determind because she wants to be a better performer.
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