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History of Segregation

No description

Victor Chen

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of History of Segregation

- In August 1619, a ship bound for Jamestown was carrying slaves for use in the colony
- White owners of plantations utilized slaves to work in their fields, with the slaves often having the equal value of an object that was owned, not one of a human being
Segregation in Education
Segregation in Banks
- In the 1800s, banks had segregated rules, some not allowing African Americans from utilizing those services
- Today, blacks receieve fewer loans, as banks are able to choose who to loan out to on their own accord
History of Segregation
A timeline of American segregation starting from Colonial America extending to modern day society
- Slaves were treated like objects, effectively being completely segregated in every aspect of human life
- Even today, slavery hasn't been fully eradicated, with illegal slaves being used around the United States, as well as various countries
- On April 8th, 1864, the United States legislation passed the 13th Amendment, prohibiting the slave practice, EXCEPT through the criminal system
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