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Republica de Indios

No description

maudy rivera

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Republica de Indios

By: Maudy Rivera Republica de Indios Spanish creation... If the Spanish hadent found silver or gold in the Americas they wouldnt of made the republica of indios.
In the Republica de Indios they all had distinct rights, privileges, and obligations that formed the basis of the Spanish colonial system.
How? Republica de los Indios was a reference to the ways in which the Spanish crown sought to create separate, parallel institutions, laws, and taxes that applied only to indigenous peoples in its American empire The political unit of the Republica de Indios was the corporate indigenous community, or the pueblo’s reales. Communities were self-governing entities governed by members of the indigenous elites, or governors selected by selected members of the community.
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