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Tailor Your Teaching with Technology

No description

Amanda Peterson

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Tailor Your Teaching with Technology

Color Backgrounds, Accessiblity Tools, Breaks and Calming
Using Splashtop for Wheelchair bound students who need access to work on the IWB
Oral Administration
Evernote App

Pictoral Representation
Skitch App
Step by Step Directions
Create videos to post on class YouTube Channel

Zaption- https://www.zaption.com/
Student Success
Tailor Your Teaching with Technology
Presented by:
Contact Information
Presentation: http://technopeterson.com/conference-handouts/

Rashana McDaniel
E-Mail: rmcdaniel@lcisd.org
Twitter: @EvrythngScience

Amanda Peterson
E-Mail: apeterson@lcisd.org
Kindle App

Accessibility Tools

Devise Alarms

Fluid App

Fluidity App

IWB Accessibility for All
Say Hi - an app that allows you to translate English into numerous languages and vice versa. ($1.99)

iTranslate - an app that takes written text and translates it to another language. Has a button that allows you to hear the text.
Camera app

Create a checklist using Microsoft Word
Add developer ribbon

Visual Routine App ($4.99)
Breaking Apart Assignments
Microsoft Power Point

Thinglink- Website https://www.thinglink.com/
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