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Argument in the HST

No description

Heidi Rees

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Argument in the HST

Kennedy Junior High School Argument in the HST What is argument? How can we build students' understanding of argument through the disciplines? Argument Clinic "An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition."
"Argument is an intellectual process...contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes." Logical Argument What can argument look like in Science? What can argument look like in Social Science? What does argument in the disciplines look like? Word Splash

In pairs, generate statements and/or create images that connect the words and phrases on the blue sheet. Think about what argument currently looks like in Social Science and Science classrooms at Kennedy. FOUR A's
As you read, mark the text for the following (10 minutes):
Ideas with which you AGREE
Ideas you would ARGUE against
Ideas that you ASPIRE TO APPLY

After reading, share one of the A's in small groups (5 minutes). A Witch! By fifth grade, students are expected to produce logical structures to support their claims (Caulkins, Ehrenworth & Lehman, 2012). Rebuttal King Arthur By middle school, students "are expected to not only argue for their claims, but also be able to argue against opposing sides" (Caulkins, Ehrenworth & Lehman, 2012). What can argument look like in your Social Science or Science classroom? Purpose: Examine the HST Standards. Adapt a lesson to build student understanding of argument.

Non-purpose: Create a lesson from scratch. Meet in grade-level science or social science teams. "Composing convincing arguments not only develops writing skills, but also propels thinking and learning and research skills" (Caulkins, Ehrenworth & Lehman, 2012). Amy Hollander Kate Barr Reflection Three Questions Three Questions about Argument:
What have you reconsidered about the teaching of argument in your discipline?
What about argument do you recognize as important for students?
What should be on KJHS's 'to do' list for argument? Choose One Article:

1. Inquiry and Scientific Explanations: Helping Students Use Evidence and Reasoning (McNeill & Krajcik, 2008)

2. Applying Toulmin: Teaching Logical Reasoning and Argumentative Writing (Rex, Thomas, & Engel, 2010)

3. Teaching Argument for Critical Thinking and Writing: An Introduction (Hillocks, 2010)

4. Taming the Warrant in Toulmin’s Model of Argument (Warren, 2010)

5. Gateways to Writing Logical Arguments (McCann, 2010)

6. The CCSS and Composing Argument Texts (Calkins, Ehrenworth & Lehman, 2012) Happy Thanksgiving!
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