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Grace Codellz

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Ireland

In 1845 potato disease hit Ireland
The disease was extremely bad--Hundreds of thousands of people died each year of starvation and diseases
Many people fled abroad
In 1851 alone some 250,000 people emigrated from Ireland (Many of them died of disease while on board ship)
The population of Ireland fell dramatically
From over 8 million people to 6 1/2 million in just 10 years!
About 1 million people died during the famine, and many others emigrated. Thanks for
watching!! Irish Words Ireland Location Latitude - 53 ° N
Longitude - 8° W
It is located near Scotland, Wales, and England Culture: Houses Travel Time, Time Difference and Distance to Ireland: Time Difference:
Ireland 5 hrs ahead of the District of Columbia
Ireland is the GMT (Greenwich mean time) Standard
Travel Time:
The flight time from D.C to Dublin is 7hrs
The mileage from D.C to Dublin Ireland is 4527 miles Hello-
My name is-
How are you?-
No- dia duit Slán Is é mo ainm ... conas atá tú? Although some people still speak Irish, English is by far the most spoken language The Celts introduced the Irish language and some of the elderly irish people still speak it today Most homes still have the same look as the older homes and have very colorful walls and doors
Roofs on most houses are thatched
Wheat straw was the most popular material for thatching buildings yes aon Culture: Music Culture: Food The Irish love to sing
Traditional Celtic music is a big part of their culture. The Language -The weather is constantly changing

-The climate is a mild, temperate climate

-Annual temperature of around 50°F.

-Ireland is extremely lush and green because of it's abundant amount of precipitation/rain Climate: Instruments include accordion, harp, tin whistle, fiddle, bedhran (drum), and Uilleann pipes St. Patrick's Day There are two dances that are very popular in Ireland River Dance and Lord of the Dance Clover says: St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17
The color associated with this holiday used to be blue
as the holiday became more popular shamrocks and the color green grew in popularity
people of all backgrounds celebrate St. Patrick's Day (especially throughout the U.S, Canada, and Australia)
North America is home to the largest St. Patrick's Day celebrations
St. Patrick's day is celebrated in many other locations very far from Ireland -Japan, Singapore, and Russia. . In 1845 potato blight hit Ireland. Peel, the British Prime Minister, appointed a scientific committee to study the disease. Unfortunately they did not understand its true nature.

Faced with famine Peel started relief works to provide work for the starving. (Peel was reluctant to give away free food). The potato blight returned in 1846. By 1847 the situation was so bad that Peel's successor, Lord John Russell realised direct relief was necessary and soup kitchens were set up. Private charity also struggled to cope with the calamity.

However hundreds of thousands of people died each year of starvation and disease such as cholera, typhus and dysentery. (In their weakened condition people had little resistance to disease).

The famine was worst in Southern and Southwest Ireland. The North and the East coast were less affected.

Many people fled aboard. In 1851 alone some 250,000 people emigrated from Ireland. (Many of them died of disease while on board ship). The population of Ireland fell dramatically. From over 8 million in 1841 it fell to about 6 1/2 million in 1851 and it continued to fall. An estimated 1 million people died during the famine. Many others emigrated.

The failure of the British government to deal with the famine caused a lasting bitterness in Ireland. lamb
Irish stew
Homemade cheeses
Fresh fish
Potatoes Irish Dancing: Ornately embroidered dresses are very popular amongst the girls
Most women and girls wear a wig/hairpiece
Boys wear a shirt, vest, and tie paired with black trousers.Q Dress: Shoes: There are 2 types of shoes hard shoes and soft shoes
The soft shoes are called ghillies and are black lace up shoes
The hard shoes are similar to tap shoes The Irish cook with local spices and ingredients and many types of cuisines are found in Ireland GC CB CB CB CB LC CB CB GC GC FUN FACTS! The longest place name in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia GC A strange birthday tradition is to turn the birthday child upside down and bump his head on the ground the same number as his age plus one (ow) There is a village in Kerry called Inch and on a road sign outside the village there is a sign that reads “Inch 1 Mile”. Couples in Ireland could marry legally on St. Brigid's Day (February 1st) in Teltown, County Meath, as recently as the 1920’s by simply walking towards each other. If the marriage failed, they could "divorce'" by walking away from each other at the same spot, on St. Brigid’s day the following year. The word "quiz" was supposedly invented in the 1830’s by a Dublin theater owner named Richard Daly, who made a bet that he could make a nonsense word known throughout the city in just 48 hours. Legend says that Daly gave his employees cards with the word “quiz” written on them, and told them to write it on walls all over the city. More fun facts! The real symbol of Ireland is the Celtic harp, not the shamrock Famous Irish Actors: Harrison Ford
Bill Murray
Alec Baldwin
George Clooney
Ben Affleck LC & SA LC GC Ireland is approximately the same size as the state Indiana Traditional Irish Food: . The cuisine takes its influence from the crops grown and animals farmed in its temperate climate Boxty (Irish meaning "poor-house bread") is a
traditional Irish potato pancake. Famous Musicians from Ireland Enya
Sinead O’Connor
Chris de Burgh
Andrea Corr The Potato Famine Classic Musicians Modern Musicians Niall Horan
U2 Even More Fun Facts! LC The most popular dance in Ireland is Irish dancing
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