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Exploring Victoria, BC

No description

Avinash KD

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Exploring Victoria, BC

Exploring: The house was built by Dr. John Sabastian Helmcken who was the first doctor in Victoria. He was also a doctor for the Hudson Bay Company. He played a vital role in negotiations for joining the colony of British Columbia to confederation. It is the oldest house open to public in British Columbia, and is an excellent example of vernacular wood placement and designing. Helmcken House Key Plaque to Legislature Statues Confederation Fountain It is 400 ft, we could see 2 Canada and BC flags. Douglas Fir Flagpole The Customs and Immigration Building Victoria, BC
Avinash kewalramani
Kiryll Parfyonov
Leon Alasoo
Abhishek Damania
Kieran Brunetti Made by: Queen Victoria The statue faces that direction because it makes it look look like she is powering the parliament buildings. It exists to honor Queen Victoria. The plaque says " VICTORIA R.1. 1837-1901 Legislative Buildings Captain George Vancouver, which is gold covered, that stands at the top of the central dome of the building. He has the honor because he led the Vancouver expedition. BC chose those animals because they represent BC. War Memorial The statues plaque talks about the soldiers lost in the wars Canada has been in. Th message is to commemorate the province's World War 1, World War II and Korean War dead. Captain Cook Statue Captain Cook entered Nootka Sound in March of 1778. Its original purpose was to show the original embodiment of the federal government's presence in the city. Mooring Rings It was slowly getting dismantled but in 1864 the last part of it was demolished Fort Victoria Rogers Chocolate Building The architectural significance of the building is that this building lies in its careful combination of formal Queen Anne exterior elements with intimate Art Nouveau interior design, and its juxtaposition with other buildings of similar modest scale. Empress Hotel The Empress hotel was opened on January 20th, 1908. Architect- Francis Rattenbury. It has 477 rooms and 4 restaurants. Netherlands Carillon It was given to the citizens of BC for their role in the liberation of the Netherlands during World War II. James D. Residence Site Marker Victoria Centennial Fountain Seals and dolphins make the center of the fountain and represent Diversity. The different groups represented:
Bear-Interior Indians Beavers-Haida Indians Wolf-Tanlten Teniet Eagle-Nootila James Cook - In the spring of 1778 Captain James Cook, R.N., became the first known European to set foot on what is now British Columbia. Permanent European settlement, long delayed, was brought about by the gradual overland penetration of the fur trade companies towards the Pacific Coast. On March 13, 1843, Chief Factor of the Hudson's Bay Company James Douglas, accompanied by the pioneer Roman Catholic missionary Father J.B.Z. Bolduc, anchored off Clover Point in the "Beaver." The next day he selected the site for Fort Victoria. By mid-June Chief Factor Charles Ross was busy at work constructing the new post.
James Douglas - He founded Fort Victoria in the same area as present-day Victoria, British Columbia. He became both the governor of the colony of BC and Vancouver Island.Sir Francis Great British Explorer.Simon Fraser 17761862, Canadian explorer and fur trader. Born in Bennington, Vt., he was taken to Canada as a child. He entered the service of the North West Company in 1792, and in 1801 he was made a partner. In 1805 he was chosen to inaugurate the company's operations beyond the Rocky Mts., and after exploring and establishing trading posts on the upper reaches of the Fraser River, he and John Stuart and 20 companions explored (1808) the same river to tidewater Rose Garden Sundial words mean ‘I count only the sunny hours’ Mystery Box We think the mystery box contains some documents maybe and official papers signed when BC joined confederation. I don’t think we will be able to see what it holds ever. Wild boar, Lions, Unicorn, polar bear are the animals on the crests. We have provincial and territorial crests because each Canadian province and territory has, at some point, chosen or been granted formal emblems to symbolize such things as its history, its flora and fauna, its geographical setting, and its existence as a sovereign entity. These emblems are coats of arms, flags and PROVINCIAL FLORAL EMBLEMS, and sometimes a tartan or an animal or mineral. Rock Outcropping A rock outcrop is the part of a rock formation that appears above land. When European ships sailed through the Georgia and Juan de Fuca Straits, there were 10 Lekwammen villages along the shores of what is now Greater Victoria. Knowledge Totem Pole Commemorative monument
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