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Psychology: Intermediate 2: Cultural and Cognitive development

Week 3

shelley ferguson

on 5 October 2017

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Transcript of Psychology: Intermediate 2: Cultural and Cognitive development

Cognitive and Cultural development
Week 3

Strands of Development
To Recap Last week we considered the importance of Social, physical and emotional development
We identified indicators which reassure use when we are developing normally.

We also identified indicators which may suggest an individuals development may not be developing as we would expect and the affect that can have on other strands of development.
Take 15 mins and in groups of 4 define what you think cultural development might be.
Cultural development
Define what you think cultural development might be. (15mins)

What key features can you identify about Scottish culture

How has that affected your development?

What challenges do you think someone who who has just moved from another country to Scotland might face?


What affect might these challenges have upon the individual?
Now that you have watched the film
consider the original question again...
Now watch this film!
(30 mins)
Now read P42 which relates to cognitive development
Now read p 43
Using the study skills handout choose one of the techniques outlined to help you to learn. eg mind map, word tree, flash cards.

Come prepared next to evaluate how effective your chosen tool helped you to learn
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