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Character Theme Songs in The Great Gatsby

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Sydnie McCormick

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Character Theme Songs in The Great Gatsby

Daisy Buchanan: Modest Mouse - Float On I chose this song because the lyrics are perfect for Daisy. The lyrics of this song are so “chill,” and that describes Daisy perfectly. She is so wealthy that she doesn’t have to care about anything. The first line of the song is “I backed my bar into a cop car the other day.” While Daisy never collided with a police officer, she did get in a car accident. Also, one of the lines is “bad news comes, don’t you worry even when it lands.” This line is exemplified through Daisy (and Tom) just moving whenever something bad happens. Daisy doesn’t need to worry, and her life is essentially one big “lazy river” in which she is just floating. Myrtle Wilson: Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl Myrtle wants to be wealthy. She wants to have money, and Tom is her way of getting to that money. This song goes through the motions of what one would do if they had all the money in the world. This is what Myrtle wants, and it's undoubtedly what she thinks she would have if she were wealthy. Like this song, she is naive to believe that having these riches will really makes a difference in her life. However, the song does strah from Myrtle in that the song does mention that money will not buy love or anything else. The majority of the song, however, is very much set on the idea that money would buy Myrtle's happiness. Character Theme
Songs in
The Great Gatsby Sydnie McCormick Nick Carraway: Sum 41 - In Too Deep I chose this song for Nick because, to me, he has left his home in the Midwest to join the lights and drama of New York. I don't think Nick quite expected all that he was going to go through when he moved there. He was caught in the middle of Daisy and Gatsby's relationship, and he was just generally "in too deep." Oftentimes, Nick had to "bend over backwards to relate to the lives of his wealthy friends in both East and West Egg. Despite having grown up wealthy, he was from the Midwest, and he was not prepared for the life he led in New York.
Jay Gastby: Les Misérables - Who Am I? To me, this song seems absolutely perfect to describe Gatsby. In fact, Gatsby isn't even Gatsby. He is James Gatz. Gatsby's entire life has been a sham. He plays a role, and I feel that if Gatsby were a real man, he would often ask himself whom he really is, especially knowing that he has played the role of Jay Gatsby for such a long time. Valjean's statement of "if I speak, I am condemned" is very true to Gatsby. Gatsby is so silent and secretive, most likely for fear of being "condemned" by those he knows. Valjean also wonders if he can pretend he doesn't feel "his" agony. That's true to Gatsby because Gatsby has to struggle with himself every day, pretending that is is only Jay Gatsby and was never James Gatz. Tom Buchanan: All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret Okay, it’s no secret that Tom had women on the side. In fact, it was common knowledge, even to his wife, Daisy. But certain lyrics of this song fit perfectly into Tom’s adulterous trysts. He “[goes] around a time or two, just to waste [his] time” with the women with whom he has affairs. At one point he promises to Daisy that he will quit sleeping around with other women. One could say that it was “eating [him] apart.” Jordan Baker: Pink - Get The Party Started Jordan Baker is typical West Egg. She seems to have the “trashy” aspect that most of Hollywood does today. She’s young, beautiful, and everything is a party for her. Throughout the novel it seems like she is always at a party. She seems to especially enjoy the large, world fair-esque parties that Gatsby shows. It is all about fun for Jordan. She doesn’t need to be serious. She’s young and she can do what she wants to do. Daisy and Tom/Daisy and Gatsby:
Good Charlotte - Girls Don't Like Boys This song is perfect to explain Daisy and Tom’s relationship—at least at the beginning. Daisy is shallow. She is materialistic. She refused Gatsby because he was initially poor, but when he had money, she came back to him with the same amount of fervor that she had before he left for the war. The lyrics of “girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money” perfectly describe Daisy’s relationships with both Tom AND Gatsby. Her relationship with Tom began because of his money, and her relationship with Gatsby ended because of his lack of money.
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