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Guillermo González Camarena

No description

jennifer lopez

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Guillermo González Camarena

Guillermo's family moved to Mexico City when he was two years old and that's where he spend the majority of his life. By the time he was seven he showed his interest in all kinds of electrical toys. When he was twelve he built his first amateur radio. One of Guillermo's older brother was Jorge he was a great painter, muralist,and sculptor. Camarena's family was not poor nor rich so he got the parts he needed for his creations at a local market
Guillermo González Camarena
Jennifer lopez
Guillermo was married to Marie Antoinette Becerra Acosta in 1951. They had two children William and Joseph Arthur Gonzalez.
Guillermo's most famous invention
was the color wheel type of colored television.
he invented the "Chronoscopic adapter television equipment".
He also build his own telescope.
In 1934 he built his own television at the age of 17. His inventions are still being used in NASA today.
"My invention relates to the transmission and reception of colored pictures or images by wire or wireless..." The invention was designed to be easy to adapt to black-and-white television equipment.

Guillermo died on April 18, 1965. He was killed in a car accident in the hills of Las Lajas, Veracruz. He died at the age of 48 years old
Guillermo Gonzalez Camerena
Guillermo graduated from the school of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers at the National Polytechnic Institute
Camarena became a regular member of the Astronomical Society of Mexico.
Guillermo got his first radio license in 1932.
In 1930 he enrolled in the School of Mechanical and Electric Engineers and two years later was given license as radio operator. While he experimented in his laboratory, he worked at the radio station of the Ministry of Education. In 1934 he built his own television camera, he was 17 years old.
Guillermo was born on February the seventeenth, 1917. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Guillermo's parents are Arturo Gonzalez and Sara Camarena who were from Arandas, Mexico. has an older brother, jorge Camarena (1908-1980) was a great Painter, Muralist and Skulpter.
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