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Go Math! 1st Grade

No description

Pam Hargrove

on 6 June 2015

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Transcript of Go Math! 1st Grade

1st Grade
Before Lunch
What Will We Do Today?
Find and download your grade level
Tennessee State Standards
Major Work of the Grade
Tennessee State Standards
Go Math!
First Grade
Summer 2015

First Grade
Tennessee State Standards
Revised Scope and Sequence
Download the revised Scope and Sequence
Math Journals
Best Practice Highlights
Think Central
Go Math! Lesson Exploration
Scavenger Hunt!
Where can you find these in Go Math!?
WCS Best Practices
After Lunch
TN State Standards
Revised Scope and Sequence
Go Math! lessons and resources
Planning time!
Supporting Content
Additional Content

Explore Quarter 1
Ongoing fluency standards (not automaticity)
Campus fluency plans are on the shared workspace
Will require pre-assessment to compact lessons
Instructional and assessment tasks
Hyperlink resources
Repeated standards are italicized
If you have not registered for a temporary Go Math! account, you'll want to do so during the break.
Go Math! Resources
Explore Go Math! resources to see what they have to offer for each of the 5E's.
The 5E's of the Learning Cycle
Resources for the 5E's
What Do You Think?
Think, Pair, Share - 3, 2, 1
Does This Sound Familiar?
Ideas to Choose From
Afternoon Session
Anchor Charts
Best Practices Highlight
Go to Think Central and choose your grade level
Explore the online books
Click on the word Resources
Explore the many resources
Putting it together
Do you have
other resources
you can use?
Where did you find them?
L- lesson R- Resources O- Other
Lunch 11:00 - 12:00
Number Talks
Number Talks or Math Talks
Best Practices Highlight
Accuracy, Efficiency, & Flexibility
Fluency vs. Automaticity
Best Practices Highlight
Fluency Practice at least 3x per week
Check your campus fluency plan on the Shared Work Space
At least 2x per week is Recommended
Lesson Planning for first 2 weeks

Create a Pacing Guide for first 9 weeks

Pre-Assessment – What are you going to use
to pre-assess a skill or concept?
What do you do if students have it?
What do you do if students don’t have it?

Differentiating a standard or big idea?

Addressing Tier 2 RtI

Formative Assessment

Accountability and rigor in station activities


things you found helpful today.

things you’ll try when you get
back to your classroom in the fall.

thing you might need help with
from a colleague or Math Coach

with a partner to share your 3, 2, 1.

Each Group
1 item from the bulleted list on the
previous slide.
May 2015 • teaching children mathematics Vol. 21, No. 9
When you find
some resources,
post them to
the Padlet.

See links to
the left.
First quarter is color coded
and in the First Grade SWS
Sope and Sequence Quarter 1
What did you find helpful?
Pinterest has lots of anchor charts too.
This applies to
addition fact too.
Skip counting and
knowing the doubles
lays the foundation
for multiplication.
Here is a link to the pictures in this book.
These pictures are used for
Number Talks .
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