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Computer Applications in Design: Lecture 01

Course Introduction for UNL course Arch 223

Nathan Miller

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Computer Applications in Design: Lecture 01

COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN DESIGN UNL Arch 223 INSTRUCTED BY NATHAN MILLER Director of Computational Design, CASE Introduce basic concepts of applications of computer technology for the purposes of DESIGN.
Develop fundamental skills in digital representation and presentation techniques. Industry impact of digital representation, modeling, and simulation.
Impact of Computational Systems on Design Thinking.
Digital conventions for architectural representation.
Demonstrations and discussions about emerging technologies. Hangzhou Stadium, NBBJ 01. Ideation 02. Iteration 03. Analysis 04. Visualization 05. Documentation 06. Fabrication Uses of Digital Technology in Practice USC Arch 526, Student Work
Instructed by Nathan Miller Hangzhou Stadium
NBBJ Daylight Analysis
NBBJ Beijing Samsung Center, NBBJ
Rendering by MIR Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame
Trahan Architects, CASE Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame
Trahan Architects, CASE Course Assignments 3D Modeling Presentation Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Let's have some fun!
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