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Palmer Hayden

No description

Vincent Denheart

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Palmer Hayden

Palmer Hayden
Harlem Renaissance
Works of art during this time period were basic and simple in appearance, but they had a significant reason behind them.

This time period was known as a time of great change.
One of Hayden's most famous works of art, if not his most famous.

The painting is a depiction of a large African American society that is thriving with their obvious joyful faces.

The residents of this community live in Harlem's brownstone houses.
Why is it interesting?
The painting is very unique in many ways.

The new style that Hayden himself created.
His meaning behind this depiction.
Midsummer Night in Harlem
The painting's name is a the french word for youth.
It was made to represent "the joy that can be found during difficult times", or in other words the light in the dark.
It was also made to represent a change in society and the newness of people's situations during the Harlem Renaissance.
There is a feeling of improvisation and rejecting the status quo. The couple stand out; they're different from the rest.
He worked a lot of odd jobs before enlisting in the U.S. Army’s 24th Infantry Regiment, an all-black company in 1914.
While in the army his name was changed from Peyton C. Hedgeman to Palmer Hayden.
The army gave him the money needed for him to get an education.
He studied at the Cooper Union in New York City and also practiced independent studies at Boothbay Art Colony in Maine
Hayden was inspired by his older brother, one of 11 siblings, to begin drawing as a child.
As an adolescent, Hayden moved to Washington, D.C to find work.
He once placed an ad in a local newspaper seeking employment as an artist's assistant.
A white artist answered his ad but turned him down once her found out he was black.
Palmer Hayden was an African American painter known for his depiction of African American life.
Hayden was born in Widewater, Virginia in 1890 on January 15th.
He was one of the first African American artist to incorporate African subjects and designs into his paintings.
Painting mainly in oils and watercolors, he conveyed the people of Harlem and the streets of Paris.
Majority of his work became known during the Harlem Renaissance.
of everyday life in Harlem is the core theme behind this piece of art.
Who is Palmer Hayden
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