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Political Developments

How the Magna Carta came to be, with the Model Parliament in Medieval Europe, ruled by spectacular and not so spectacular rulers.

Luyi Pan

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Political Developments

Policitcal Developments Successful and Unsuccessful Leaders Model Parliament
Alfred the Great Eleanor of Aquitaine King John William the Conqueror Turned back the viking invaders
United the kingdom under one rule, England Works Cited Wife of two kings
Married Louis VII of France during the Second Crusade
Mother of two kings
Accompanied Louis VII to the Holy Land in 1147 Led English kings to hold and add onto their lands
Led English kings to strengthen their power over nobles and church officials
Recieved his title as "William the Conqueror" for laying out a foundation for a centralized government Got the title "John Softsword forhis role as a weak military leader
Nobles rebelled against him for losing Normandy and all lands in Northern France to the French
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