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Persuasion in Print Advertising

No description

Emily Demmert

on 31 August 2012

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Transcript of Persuasion in Print Advertising

Persuasion in Print Ads Conclusion The advantage to print advertising is that people can take the time to read and think about it. So it can be as clever or deep as you would like. And one more thing... In 1944, there were not enough able-bodied men available to eliminate forest fires. They were fighting in the war. The Ad council decided to launch a campaign to make people more aware of forest fire prevention. The bear is known by at least 70% of all American citizens. Is this not entertaining? Informative Pepsi Twist Taco Bell Almost all effective advertising is persuasive advertising. Ads should do the following: inform , logos
entertain, ethos
sell, appeal to emotion, pathos Smokey the Bear Thanksgiving dinner out! Sell Smart marketers hold the utmost respect for their consumers in two ways:
1) delivering product quality and
2) using honest advertising. How do you respond to the advertising you are exposed to each day? Are you easily convinced that you absolutely need to buy a product? Do you run out and buy everything you see and hear advertised? Pathos Ethos logos
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